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sb=Santa Barbara, California
uk=United Kingdom
[o]-phile=a person who greatly admires or favors [the part of the word that comes before the “-ophile”]

I am an Aries (and a very typical one at that). I am addicted to NPR--my favorite shows on NPR are Fresh Air, This American Life and Car Talk, not to mention all the Morning Edition, Weekend Edition and news stories, etc.

I currently live in Santa Barbara, California with my husband and two cats, Jack and Gracie.

I have always loved cats, but these are the first that are really mine (not my parents' or a roommate's or something). Since we don't have kids, I guess I obsess about them as much as some people would obsess about their kids. It's a challenge not to make every post about them. I don't know how this happened to me.

I love dogs and other animals as well. So, please don't call me a "Crazy Cat Lady". When we get a dog or have kids, I'm sure I'll be just obsessive about them too. My husband won't let me get a bunny.