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October 13, 2006



That guy is a freak. People really have a lot of nerve. But then again some people are just all about themselves.

BTW - great way to name your blog. Found you through Citizen of the Month. Stop by and visit me sometime if you like.


Thanks for the comment Jody! I like the name of your blog too!

Pistol Pete Kelly

Hey there

I read your blog. Pretty regularly too!

I'd like to see a little more gossip involving that husband of yours. You know, the ruggedly handsome one.

Hope to talk to you guys soon.



Oh, yeah, like you and people like you haven't already teased him enough about the "ruggedly handsome" thing. Why do you think I've stopped calling him that in the posts? No, I am going to be VERY careful about what I say about him from now on!

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