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October 20, 2006



I told one friend about my blog but I don't think she reads it at all. You get commenters through commenting on other people's blog (especially if they are curious like me - that's how I found you). Make sure your "feeds" are turned on so that you show up in online searches. Writing from your heart is all you need to do. Go searching for other blogs and see what you like and pick and choose things to add to your blog or writing.


By the way - I hate typepad word verification block - i can't make out the letters half the time. It takes me at least 3 o 4 times for a comment to post. You might want to complain to typepad that this is an issue. I know people aren't patient and might try to make a comment but don't want to stick around to put in a secret code multiple times.


I can help you out with #7 - it's an open invite! If you want in, I'll put you on the list!

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