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March 26, 2007



So, what are you going to ask them?


Oooh Neil, you are figuring out how my mind works... I have definitely been thinking about it already. I mean, how do you come across as cool and witty (unlike how I come across in my blog) with someone that you know you would get along with if they weren't famous? But because they are famous now, they will think I'm a freak if I heap on the adulations!

It's like commenting on dooce's blog when she opens it up to comments--daunting--and everyone says the same shit like how funny she is! Commenting on your blog is daunting--all those other witty bloggers, and I usually say something really mundane and no where near as funny as I know I could be.

And then there's the possibility I won't say a word to them [Sedaris and Vowell] because I don't want to say something stupid or seem like the type to pander to celebrity. But it's not their celebrity, it's their wit that I admire! Oh, Neil, help! I'm getting myself all worked up over this!

Once I went to see the famous surfer Tom Curren perform from his CD at a local nightclub, and because I didn't give a shit that he was a surfing legend, I just said to him as he was signing CDs, "You're really good! I didn't have very high expectations since you're a surfer!" My husband was mortified (as he was the reason we were even seeing a surfer perform music) but it really broke the ice with Tom Curren (who is notoriously shy)! He laughed, and said that was the benefit he had--low expectations.

But with Sedaris and Vowell I actually DO give a shit, so likely I'll fuck it up.


Wow!! Way cool!
That is soooo much cooler than my cleaning lady. ;)
Have fun, I am crazy jealous, I adore the Sedarises!!


Oh, that should be fun. You're so good. I kept hearing the fundraising drive and kept ignoring it. I am bad.


Congrats! I've met David (and Amy) - you'll have a great time.


I've seen David and he's amazing. What was the best was that I could tell how real and nervous he was.

Sarah Vowell was here last night. I didn't hear about it until the night before. So yeah, I didn't go.

HOORAY for you!!


Diane, Rhea, Jessica and Isabel:

It's coming up soon--I'll be seeing them on April 28th. If you think of any witty things for me to say to them, let me know!

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