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April 25, 2007



Over here some people - the ones you refer to as 'trailer trash' in the US - actually name their kids after footballers, never mind their pets...


OMG that's really funny! I don't know that I ever heard a case of that, but I did hear some funny names (we lived on the Isle of Wight for a few months, which has the highest teen pregnancy rate in England, and England has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe), so there were some young mums with some interesting names for their kids). I do remember being at the beach in Cornwall once and hearing a mother yelling for her kid Keanu (as in Reeves, and not as in footballer Keane). My husband and I were cracking up! And why shouldn't these people name their kids after footballers--I mean what about the footballers themselves who name their kids funny names (ahem! cough! romeo! brooklyn! ahem!)

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