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April 11, 2007



Nought? Yes, the Noughties... That is another media-friendly term coined on the eve of the Millennium. I wonder what they'll think of when 2010 arrives... As for 'My Family', it's been running for far too long over here and I can't say I am a fan. Where Kris to be given his own show, that would be different. He pops up in other things, such as a series of adverts for BT [British Telecom] broadband where he plays a somewhat goofy boyfriend to a woman with kids from a previous marriage.


Ariel, I was a little surprised when I went to the BBC website to find My Family to see that it is still running! Actually, we even started getting a little bored during some of the second season. But I think it's because of the nostalgia especially that we do enjoy it (and Kris Marshall).

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